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Pop-up banners also known as retractable banners are two extremely popular and effective marketing tool. 

Pop-Up Banners:

Pop-up banner displays can be printed with vertical or horizontal dimensions and are usually larger than a retractable banner stand.

Pop-up banners consist of a fabric banner which is created using a solvent or semi solvent ink. The quality  and resolution of the graphics depends on the equipment used on the printing process. Some fabrics, when printed using dye sublimation can be washable.

The dye sublimation printing process used when printing on a fabric banner creates extremely vivid colors and images. 

The hardware of a pop-up banner display is collapsible,very easy to set up and take down. The use of this display is very popular at events and shows as it creates and eye catching focus point. The most common dimensions of the Pop-up banners can serve as a backdrop to all these events and trade shows.  Another important quality of this banners is that the the colors and logos show up well on camera, with or without flash, making it a great marketing tool.

Retractable banners:

Retractable banner stands are essentially the Swiss army knives of marketing tools. They came in many different widths, heights, styles, they can even be double sided. and can be used indoors or  outdoors depending the type material.

They are extremely easy to set up and one of the most cost effective tool in the market, they are also very easy to accommodate even in small spaces.



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